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lundi 6 juillet 2009

Thalasso in Quiberon

In Brittany with its wild coast and a lifestyle tied to the sea, for a couple of hundred of years, they had discovered the medicinal properties of sea water and used it in a form that would let the minerals of the sea be absorbed through the skin. now there are plenty of resort and spa offering thalasso through out France and other places.
I had one session today at the Thalasso institute in Quiberon, Bretagne, France/ offers you a 360 virtual tour of the thalasso area, in this thalasso which was the first one of the Accor Chain to be built almost 40 years ago. it was opened in 1964 by Louison Bobet, who was a three times winner of Tour de France. He was son a local baker.

You enter and you know that is upscale. everything is quiet and dispensed efficiently. you change into your swimming trunks and wrap yourself in their dressing gowns and go towards the thalasso area.
it is very well appointed with a part of it opening into the outside where the view of the sea and the beach is stunning indeed. The sea water is heated to an agreeable temperature and there are many stations where most of the body parts are massaged: head, neck, back, front, legs and shoulders. the force is considerable and you change the stations every 10 minutes or so. the total session is about 40 minutes and then you can spend time at the onsen style outdoor jacuzzi or the indoor strong water fall which falls on your shoulder with a power.

then after a little rest, you could swim in the indoor pool as well if you wish. After an hour and half you are very tired and then the nice walk along the beach and the busy broadwalk along the sea soothes your soul.

You can go to the market in the morning and buy fresh fish caught that very morning. Bought two large pieces of Lieu Jeune (fish cutlets) about 18 euros per kilogramme. Tandoori powder, Coconut milk, lemon and viola.. a nice meal indeed... as always a nice glass fo wine..