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vendredi 3 juillet 2009

Happy Birthday America and Shabbat Shalom

I have made so many good friends who now live or have lived in the United States of America..some are forgotten and others remain close to my heart as the day I met them
Happy Birthday to all of you there .. I have just lit the Shabbat Candles here in Paris, France.
Gena and Jim and Lina in Yankton South Dakota. Sister Jackie and Joseph in Miami. Roy Llera and his family in Miami. My many friends in Miami, old and new. My HoCank, UmonHon, Kickapoo friends and many others from the Indian Country, enjoy this holiday..Michele, Deb, Tania, Vida, MiHu, Rosie, Noni, Georgia, Marianne, Tina, Pat and many many many others.. my sister friend Dar in Yakima, my good friend Ron in Bellingham, my two brothers and their families in Portland, Oregon. Ian and Vasu and Kavita in Corpus Christi in friends at Continental Airlines from coast to coast...
USA has to be one of the friendliest countries and it is very easy to make friends in that country.
My next trip to USA would be on 16th July from Paris to New York, two great cities and I am sure untold pleasures are waiting for me in that city.. to begin with a turkish, a vietnamese meal have been promised...

Thank you, all of you for making my repeated visits to USA pleasant ones, treating me as an honoured guest and providing me with meals and coffee when i couldnt get either in remote parts of your country, jamaican food in Miami, cuban coffee..etc etc.