jeudi 23 juillet 2009

143rd Annual Pow Wow of the HoCank of Nebraska

Today begins the four day ceremonies of thanksgiving and celebrations and getting together offriends and relatives among the HoCank in Nebraska. This is one activity in which Americans have very little influence or say. It is INDIAN in every respect and it is one of the few occasions they can truly feel feel and self confident in their Turtle Island which was usurped from them 300 years ago.
It is a joyous occasion, not a sad occasion , mainly getting together of friends and relatives. Many Indians from near and far come to participate, dance and eat together for the next four days.
Each time when all the dancers enter the arena, tears come to my eyes, thinking of the time when they had lived their own way of life and when they were free. It is a privilege for me to be here and it is a privilege to say hello to so many young and old indians and enjoy the ancient ambiance of these celebrations.