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dimanche 19 juillet 2009

New York New York

charming and seductive
energetic and draining
eclectic and futuristic
polyglot and fusion cuisines

with a price to pay
hard work
with little time to enjoy

so if you are a visitor to this magnificent city, come and stay with a friend, have friends with you, taking you and showing you around, and in the evenings, settle down for nice dinners and glasses of wine..

then you could say, you have enjoyed New York.. New York is not only Museums, street life, food and restaurants, buildings and book stores but it is all of the above plus your friends who know the right places to go.. try to enjoy New York like a local does, not like a tourist does...

special thanks to MC from KL, and SY with whom I stayed in W54th in the midst of everything and new friends with delightful minds and manners, and NW, who still maintains her balance despite it all..