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vendredi 17 juillet 2009

The Excitement of being in New York City

it has been a very long time since I have felt this excited about being in a city..New York City, that imagination in the minds of so many millions of people all around the world. It is raw energy, and one sees what will happen to the world all over... and hopefully so. I saw two old friends and made four new friends in NYC today. it was just exhilarating just to walk the midtown manhattan area. Ate a very juicy burger ( I normally dont eat burgers) at rue 57 Hotel, a nice cup of coffee with some cakes, watched Todd's tonsorial elegance at a Salon, ended up at The Turkish Kitchen.. with an array of turkish delicacies.. A wonderful day indeed..
When we got into the taxi, the driver who was talking on his handphone, took a minute off and said.. You look like you are from my country.. I tried to look at his physiognomy and was trying to figure out the language he had been bellowing into the phone... I am from Australia and where you might be from? He said, Bangladesh.. a nice chat and then the usual litany of immigrant's complaints, being slotted into the bottom, things being expensive.. and he said: for you it might be very exciting, but for me it is Hell.. this city. So there is always another side ot the view..
My first hours in New York City has filled me up with a great satisfaction.. I am glad to be here..