vendredi 29 juin 2018


I am in Miami, preparing to travel down to the Amazon. This journey has its own peculiar history, the way it was planned and hoped for.
Things happen for a reason. The purpose and destinations on this trip all changed just two days before the trip. 
I could have cancelled the trip but I decided to go on with the trip.
I lit the candles to wish Shabbat Shalom to my friends across the world.

Right at that moment, I received a photo taken in a small village in the Amazon.
It was full moon.

I immediately understood the symbolism. 
The trip was fraught with difficulties beyond my control but the message was clear from the Indians who sent it to me.
Your trip will be fine and we are waiting here for you.
I felt immensely happy.
I always feel that the Spirits will not abandon me, even though human beings might.
Spirits have a better knowledge of your true self than people who are trying to assess it through prisms of their own calculation, in biased and tainted fashion.

I gave thanks to the spirits.
I will thank them personally when I reach the Great River, I will take the sacred tobacco given to me by my Ojibway brother.