vendredi 15 juin 2018


Recently I had the chance to taste Hummus at Resto Said's, in the Akko Souq. Said family have been serving Hummus at this location from the Ottoman times and the only thing in the Menus is HUMMUS.. In Israel, when you ask for Hummus, they dont just bring you a dollop of tasty Hummus but there are other things that comes with it and one eats Hummus Lunch or even Dinner, which has much vegetables and of course the ever present Pita.
Pita etymologically may have originated in PANEM, of Latin Origin. In general any Flatbread is designated PITA and to say PITA BREAD would be erroneous as saying French Baguette Bread!
My younger brother is a Foodie par excellence and he is demonstrating the proper way to eat Hummus..

Bon Apetite!