vendredi 22 juin 2018


FOR some lucky reason, I end up in Fort Cochin  few times a year. I am not devoted to India and in fact, my visit to Cochin begins with arrival at its airport and ends with my departure from the same airport a few days later. 
Something about the city is attractive to me, I feel very much at home, comfortable with the friendships I have struck up over the year, delicious food, delightful inn keepers and an ambiance of tolerance and acceptance.
This short video was made by my iphone which presented me with this video Visit to India 2017 November.
I was visiting the Synagogue in Ernakulum where I had the chance to meet Raghu Rai, well known Indian photographer who was a protege of Cartier-Bresson. 
You also see Abraham Ben Hur, a researcher into the history of Kerala and an ardent supporter of Jews and Israel, as well as some local Jews.
Since the time of this visit in November 2017, I have been in Cochin two more times and each time something delightful happens, usually meeting some interesting people. During the last stay at Bristow's Hotel facing the Arabian sea, I met the owner and his wife as well as a mother and daughter travel team from Hamburg.
I am looking forward to my next trip which would be at the end of July 2018.