lundi 26 février 2018


I am sitting watching Doha fading slowly into the desert night, covered in a mist which could be only the nostalgia for the day it is leaving behind.
I am in an extraordinarily good mood which had been constantly present since December 2017. 
It is the tenderness of those who love you with passion and innocence and your ability to understand it and enjoy it, makes the heart fertile for such a Joy.
there are so many people responsible for it, but certain people prepare your tender heart
Brussels/Brittany; Hefei, China; Moa, Cuba; Nazaret, Las Amazonas are in my heart at the moment.
I wanted to replace the silk scarf that was relieved of my possession at the International Airport in Bogota, Colombia.
In his book NUDGE, the Nobel laureate in Economics 2017, Richard Thaler talks about Post-completion error . "The idea is that when you have finished your main task, you tend to forget things relating to previous steps"
This is exactly what happened to my scarf in Bogota Airport.
I was eager to get to the Amazonia, and wanted to get through the security quickly. I took my jacket, my backpack and put it through and the agent said, your scarf please.. so when i got on the other side, my backpack and jacket were ready and I picked them up and went on my way.
Just a few minutes later I felt the absence of my scarf, and this being Bogota, I had no hopes of recovering it, but I did go back but they said, they did not have it.
Why would the agent in Bogota airport want to give back the silk scarf made in India,  Kashmir the affable Indian said who sold it to me in Doha. 
Here I am back in Doha, feeling exuberant,  decided to pay a visit to Rafic the scarf seller from Hyderabad, India who said his boss was from Kashmir and that the scarves were knitted by artisans in Kashmir. How is your family sir, he asked me as I walked into the store. He remembered what I had bought the last time and found something similar and offered me a 25% discount. The way I was feeling, I would have gladly paid the price he originally asked for. 
with my new scarf in Doha, Qatar.
When you your body and mind feel elated, everything becomes more and more beautiful, perhaps that is the way it is, and that we reduce them to ordinariness in our hurry and lack of attention.
I had a chance to talk to the manager of the Executive Lounge at the hotel. It was such a pleasure to talk to her, to listen to her story and her enthusiasm and aspirations, I wish her well.
I truly felt good talking to her.

What a nice relaxing time in Doha, Qatar after beautiful days in Quiberon, Bretagne; Haifa, Israel and Cochin, Kerala.
I am ready for my 15 hour flight to the USA tomorrow morning.