lundi 12 juin 2017


31 May 2017
The last day of the month of May, a month of excesses.
15 flights all in First Class or Business Class
North America, Caribbean, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia
Set foot in: USA Cuba Belgium Egypt Qatar Malaysia Singapore
Met two ambassadors: both Cubans to Malaysia and Qatar
Hotels Oryx Rotaana, Movenpick, Shangrila in Doha
Double Tree by Hilton in Kuala Lumpur
Changi Village Hotel in Singapore
Hotel Equatorial in Malacca
Comfort Inn in Chicago
Hampton Inn in Charlotte
Dinner with the Ambassador in Malaysia
Dinner with MunChing Yong in Kuala Lumpur
Dinner with Irene and Andrew in Malacca
Dinner with Ashleen and Maurice in Sioux City Dinner with Family Pinillos in Havana
Rendezvous with Psychology Colleagues in Havana
Most of the days were agreeable, except a couple of days in Belgium. Made some new friends and renewed acquaintances in Qatar, Malaysia and among American Indians.
What do I look forward to, after such a month of excessive pleasures? The month of June?
Miami, American Indians, Malaysia and Cambodia .

The heat was relentless, I had a late breakfast and then went for a walk, under the blazing sun, past the malecon and on the way stopped at the home of Cari, we chatted for a while and I wanted to get back to the house to prepare it for the evening ahead.
I tidied up the house, got the aperitifs in order and got the table ready, poor Joaquin had to go out in the heat of the day to get a 5 litre bottle of water, three packets of home made crackers.
Pesto with Quinoa (trader Joe’s), which was the hit of the day.
Salmon with vegetables from France,
Tuna with vegies from France
Both of them got a mediocre reception
Salmon from Alaska fried with onions and lemon here in the house, got a good reception.
California olives stuffed with jalapenos were too hot for the Cubans, but the black olives (both from Trader Joes) were welcome.
I had two buttes of rum but it was hardly touched as wine was on the offer
Syrah from maipu valley
Torrents from Spain
Yet another table wine from entre Rios in Spain
A bottle of asturian cider.
A flask of vodka left here by Auntie Greta, which was a hit with the Valencia orange mix from Starbucks
So I know what to bring the next time, and also Jack Daniels was requested.
The main dish was lamb cooked with Thai Curry (trader Joes), lamb accessed locally, 18 of us ate and the total cost of the meat was only 20 dollars. Congri, rice mixed with black beans, fried plantain chips, which was a hit.
The conversation flowed easily and we all felt that our group, which is slowly growing, taking in the growing up adolescents: Danielita daughter of Babe and Andres is well adapted to our circle. Whoever enters our circle has to be a bit open-minded.
I am happy to be part of this group; I became a part of it in November 2007 when I presented a paper at the Association of Latin American Diabetes in Havana.

All in all, a successful get together of good friends, possibly my best friends in Cuba. What a wonderful end of this month of May, when my life was full, had great experiences and had some definite changes.