lundi 12 juin 2017


My flight had originated in Charlotte and it was strange to be flying over Miami, from where my normal journeys to the moveable city of la Habana begins. It was a quick journey, it is an incongruous emotional journey that belies the short distance because within such a short distance of the glamour and glitter of the USA, there lies one of the most humane societies in the Americas.
It is always thrilling to land in Havana, the familiar Roystonea Regia, the Cuban Royal Palms, lining on one side of the runway and the Terminal 3 awaiting in the distance like a faithful lover waiting to welcome you home.
For the next few days, it was just a moveable feast, that it has been for me, San Cristobal de la Habana, the Havana and Cuba, most tourists are not privileged enough to see and enjoy.

In Cuba, your presence is cherished by your friends, so one has to plan the hours and days very well.
 My favourite drink in Cuba, Pina Colada, the best of which is served at Cuba Pasion in front of Hotel Colina near the U of Havana. Ms A from CubaPasion below.

 Cubans are some of the most hospitable people on earth. Here, neighbours invite me to their dinner. A bottle of wine enhances the creole food, cooked by a cuban of chinese ancestry.
 When your days are busy, friends make time to come and visit such as these friends from San Jose de Lanjas, an hour and half away from La Habana, including two taxi rides.

So here it is the moveable feast that is Havana. I sleep well in Havana, no fear of someone breaking into your house, some drive by shooting or anyone trying to mug you. Freedom is the ability to live free of fear of the OTHER person, I am not afraid of any other CUBAN.
By any measure, considering the solidarity among the Cubans, and the desire to help and share, I know that I am living in a most humane society, much more than the other 8 countries I have lived in!
Welcome to Havana and Cuba...