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dimanche 25 juin 2017


Morning has woken up in Narita, where the major airport of Tokyo is situated.
Yesterday I flew the 11 hour flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo. It went so smoothly (turbulence during the last part of the flight) and I was not bored. There was wi fi on board and thus I was able to keep in touch with people that keep in touch with me. (I am not on any social media)
The Flight Attendants were polite to a tee, extremely friendly but kept their distances. I had chosen the Japanese meal and it was served prompted and without any hurry or delay. 
here is a summary of photographs of this delightful trip from Los Angeles USA to Narita, Tokyo, Japan 
 The journey itself begins at the Qantas Airways Lounge at LAX, it is said to be one of the nicest lounges in all of USA.
 The security checking went quickly enough but cant say it was very efficient.
 I was happy that they were able to give me my favourite seat 1 K so that I can esconce myself for the next 11 hours.
 The photos of the food are not presented in any special order but they were given in a specific order which kind of tickled your tonsils like they say in Australia.

 I do not know much about Sake so the FA chose this one for me 

 As the flight was nearing Japan, I requested the appetizer plate from the Western menu and at any time of the day or night I am ready for a piece of salmon!

 The morning has broken over Narita and I shall get ready for my next flight, also on JL and I am sure I will choose a Japanese menu..