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mercredi 17 février 2016


Lately, the emphasis has shifted from the journey to destination in the world of Travel. One of the frequently asked questioned in Travel Forums is: How can I get there cheaply. 
That immediately puts a brake on your journey and if you apply the same mentality to your destination, the pleasure would be halved as well.
To me, getting there is an important part of my travels, and that gives me ample opportunities for interactions on the road with every day people who make my journey more pleasant. They are not just faces but names and histories and over the years I have had pleasant times with agents at airport and car rental people, waiters, Flight attendants, and many many good people who serve us.
Here is a short photo summary of my last trip which began yesterday and finished this morning. I thank all the people involved in making the journey from Bruxelles to Cochin a pleasant one.