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lundi 22 février 2016


I am unashamedly fond of the little township of Fort Cochin but certainly not for its food. The quality of food in the tourist parts of Fort Cochin is just one notch down the quality ladder. Fort Cochin also does not feel like India. To feel India with its hustle and bustle and its populace you have to cross the waters to the city of Ernakulam, where coincidentally there are very many good restaurants which serve Kerala food. Kerala food is very difficult to obtain outside Kerala, perhaps one could get it occasionally in Singapore or Malaysia.
I was invited out every night during this stay in Fort Cochin and each night I crossed the gulf between my mind and India of Ernakulam. Tonight the last night of my stay I was invited to eat traditional Kerala food by a local foodie and we ended up at Dhe Puttu and I am glad that I will carry its memory as part of my eating experience in Cochin..
Tomorrow I am flying Etihad Airways to JFK via Abu Dhabi and I am certain that certain pleasures to tickle the tonsils await on that trip..
Adieu to Cochin for now
May the spirits bring me back soon enough..