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lundi 14 décembre 2015


Some criminals are switching from cocaine trafficking to prescription-drug fraud because the risk-adjusted rewards are higher: the money is still good, the work safer and the penalties lighter. Medicare gumshoes in Florida regularly find stockpiles of weapons when making arrests. The gangs are often bound by ethnic ties: Russians in New York, Cubans in Miami, Nigerians in Houston and so on.
I remember reading this in 2014, Miami becoming a capital of "legal" defrauding of the Government if such an anomaly existed.
I was at the Blue House among the UmonHon, reading the issue of JAMA Internal Medicine which had arrived (Dec 2015 volume 175  number 12, pages 1955-1959

Being an Anthropologist, news items with cultural overlays hold interest to me. The article I am reading is titled
Physicians and Insider trading
What interested me was not whether or not Insider trading happened among Doctors , that would like asking how many of the Professors speaking at International Diabetes Federation congresses have received large amounts of money to promote drugs. We know it happens. We don't pay any attention to the talks but at times eat the delicious food provided and sneak away!
It is only natural for an anthropologist to be aware of a persons culture, nationality, origin and education in a country such as USA where there is a very large percentage of immigrant population.
What struck me was that most of these insider trading and some worth millions were done by doctors from India or of Indian origin.
People in India like to boast how well their emigrants to USA have done but they never talk about the similar number of people indicted for fraud of one sort or another.
An average reader may not make a connection between India and these insider trading (they are good at software arent they?) but an anthropologist would, by looking at their name and by googling where thy were educated.
Cubans are a very innovative people and some of these innovations have crossed the line of legality when they arrive in the USA. The innovative spirit is what makes them thrive, most of them legally as is the case of Indian migrants, but sometimes this instinct is overcome by greed. 
From Bloomberg News
Health care has become America’s sweet spot for insider traders like Skowron. Among researchers, physicians, government officials and corporate executives, the lure of easy money in health-care insider trading has become epidemic. Since 2008, about 400 people were sued by regulators or charged with insider trading; of those, at least 94 passed or received tips involving pharmaceutical, biotechnology or other health-care stocks.
So something shifts these doctors, almost all of them immigrants, almost all of them in private practice, to stray into the realm of the third world mentality, Let me see if I can get away with it.
Neither India nor Cuba is to be blamed but the frailty of these human beings who saw an opportunity which was not quite legal. There was a connection which was little elaborated. while most of the immigrants tend to be Democrats in their political leanings, many of these indicted were Republicans, including one who raised millions of dollars for both brothers Bush!  Something to think about... all these nebulous connections.
It is the very same republicans who are avowing to keep the immigrants like those contributed millions to their reelections away from the American Shore!
Greed is your nationality here, not the colour of your skin, your singsong accent or the language of Cervantes that you speak..
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcoming the first of the 25000 syrian refugees flown at his Governments expense to Canada.
Think of the humanitarian gulf between him and similarly aged American Cubans vying for Presidency of the United States!
May Allah save the ordinary people from them..