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dimanche 20 décembre 2015


The diplomatic relationship between Cuba and USA are getting better by the day and the majority of the Cubans are happy with this outcome. This thaw also has created a new generation of entrepreneurs and alleviates the obsession for the American Dream. In fact a TSA agent friend of mine in MIami tells me of the owner of 20 odd beauty salons in Havana who makes fortnightly visits to Miami to do his shopping.
Things will change and rather than emphasizing on words like free election, oppression in Cuba we also have to talk about the Injustice directly and indirectly to the migrants to the USA by the preferential treatment of the illegal Cuban migrants (who pay a lot of money to get here, this human trafficking is engineered in Miami, USA and not in Cuba). Also it is unfair that similarly economically "oppressed" illegal migrants such as those from Central America or the Caribbean do not get similar handouts. (If you are an American please check out the bounty dolled out by your government to these illegal Cuban migrants! parents of both Rubio and Cruz were economic migrants from Cuba, not "political refugees"! who arrived here long before Fidel came to power)
So why not take a minute away from the 1600 doctors who betrayed their medical missions in Latin America, mainly in Venezuela (where there are 25 000 cuban doctors), talk about the 69 000 Cuban medical professionals serving in 69 countries around the world, some of which many people have never heard of : Tuvalu, Solomon Island, TimorLeste, Bhutan..
Also there are already 14500 Cuban doctors in Brasil, do you hear anyone deserting their post there? What about the 300 Cuban professionals who staff the Cuban Hospital in Doha, Qatar? Do they leave their mission posts and apply for asylum?
The injustice is the wet foot/dry foot law and also the Cuban Medical Doctors Bill (signed by none other than George W Bush).  Already Cuba receives a large number of immigration slots for this continent. If you allow the same privilege to Jamaicans and Haitians, they too will tell of the "oppression", "lack of freedom" etc.
Which country (Cuba is a poor country and not a rich country) educates 20 000 medical doctors from the poor countries and the largest number of indigenous people studying Medicine in the world is in Cuba: all on scholarship and they go back to their countries to serve their people. Why doesn't Wall street Journal or New York Times interview the Ticuna Indian doctor who has graduated from Cuba and now plies the part of Amazon providing health care to his people who have always lived there, until now neglected by successive Brazilian governments, till the Cuban doctors arrived to provide immunizations, maternal care.
3 per cent of the population who has betrayed their humanitarian mission ( I would not want any of those looking after me or my friends) is given prominence, and the 97 per cent toiling for the welfare of the humanity from Bangui to Bolivia are not even mentioned. 
Ask anyone in Easter Island, the next time you are there, what has the Cuban Government done for them? They will tell you about decreased infant mortality among other miracles and also point out the eight Rapa Nui graduates of Cuban medical schools!
Please dont judge Cuba and its Medical System harshly by the doctors and dentists who betray their humanitarian mission to live their american dream!
In the article published on 20 Dec 2015 in New York Time, the divine punishment for these people who betrayed their humanitarian mission is given: they told the story of the doctor who lives in Paterson NJ dreaming about his island and his family, working at a minimum wage job in a strip mall.
I am sure the quality of his life was much better, whether he was on a mission in Venezuela or in his village in Cuba, even though he may not have had Nike Shoes!