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dimanche 6 décembre 2015


For a person who was not fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with those related by blood to me, I have been extraordinarily grateful for the many members of my family all over the world: mainly in the USA CUBA and among the INDIANS of USA..
I have two sisters, one lives in Miami, an English lady, brought up in Jamaica, married to a Jamaican of Syrian/Cuban ancestry.
The other sister is an Omaha, an Indian tribe located in Nebraska, USA. Her grandmother was one of the first Omaha to be educated in the American system and had written a book on the life of the Indian during her time, (I have a copy of this book)
In Cuba friendships are so strong that it is altogether in another level. So I coined the term Sister Friend, that is more than a friend and much like a sister but not able to share the geography. 
In the USA, I can count on two wonderful caring nurses, both of whom work with Indians, as my sister friends. DBSG works with Yakama Indians and MS works with HoCank Indians.
I try my best to be with Dar at least once a year and in the past we had shared a nice medical humanitarian trip to Cambodia with a stop over in Malaysia.
When I told her that I would be in Vancouver and that I would like to see her, she managed to get a four day weekend and promised to pick me up at the Seattle International Airport. I did not know where we were going, she just told me that we are going to the wild coast of the Washington State, an area that I had never visited. 
She had made all the arrangements, in a small town called Westport, where she had spent her childhood summer holidays. She also introduced me to a pair of innovative artistic humanistic level headed couples who had retreated from the competitive and destructive nature of the American workplace.
I did not mind the rain, the winds that lash at this coast, but the evergreens stood as guardians of this earth, we had enough to eat, we could buy coffee and wine and there was always something to talk about.

I explained to her Lea's Law of Mindfulness
My sisters, my close friends in Cuba (LL AA MM BF CG AL JP YC and my Cuban mother as well as my colleagues, esp RMLG), my sister friends are always in my consciousness, they are not memories.
Memories can be forgotten but if a person is present in your consciousness, they don't disappear, and you don't long for them, but look forward to the next reunion.
I wont say goodbye to my sister friend D, but wish to express my gratitude for this weekend of humility and learning, to know that wild coasts are not dangerous if you approach them properly, and will Hasta Luego  See You Later  Ate Logo A bientot