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jeudi 17 décembre 2015


The greatest victory of the accord of 17 dec 2014 between Obama and Castro, USA and Cuba is that Americans have flocked to the country in their thousands and seen the reality and not fallen for the unrelenting propaganda of the Miami Cubans and their press peons about harsh conditions, political oppression etc.
My american friends who have visited the island have uniformly fallen in love with the Island.
More great news, USA and Cuba announced today that up to 100 flights daily might be authorized!
Throughout the country, even in smaller towns, an area or streets have been designated for WI FI access. Along the Rampa in Havana it is not unusual to see a thousand people accessing the Internet with phones, tablets or laptops! There are apps to be downloaded such as IMO with which the Cubans can videotalk to their loved ones abroad, anywhere in the world!
The entrepreneurial spirit of the Cubans is something to marvel at. Twenty somethings like those above, own this patisserie, where under air conditioned comfort one can indulge in all sorts of cafe and cakes and salads!
Cakes and Coffee at La Arca de Noe at La Rampa and D , you can check them out at Tripadvisor!
The body oriented culture of Cuba is so wonderful to watch. These students as can be seen are fit as fiddles, no overweight or obesity among them! Their unashamed embrace of the physical pleasures is something some of the richer countries could follow!
The young and the restless gather to exchange notes about 
technology, Internet, websites, ways to download music and videos (a flourishing market for pirated tech exists)

With such innovation and enthusiasm, along with the fundamentals of a society that is egalitarian and helpful to one another, I have no fear for the future of Cuba..
It is as bright as a Cuban  Day....