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dimanche 17 mars 2013


Recently I had the chance to experience on board services on both United, flying a one hour 15 minute flight from Omaha to Chicago ; and a few hours later I was on a Thai Airways flight on a 45 minute flight from Bangkok to Phnom Penh.
Both were on the same class of service.
This is what I was served on this pre Lunch flight on United. 

Hours later, in fact it was already quite a few hours later, I caught the BKK-PNH flight which was once again a post breakfast flight. This is what was on the plate.

Once upon a time I was a big fan of the food on USA based airlines, especially flying from the USA to Europe or Asia. But currently I try to fly Asian Airlines when possible. The lack of service and caring has swept through the airline industry in the USA and it is now creeping into the European airlines as well. On a recent flight from PEK-FRA the food was nothing that special. How I wished for some good Asian tucker!

so make up your own mind, which airline would you fly, if you are interested in Food and Services?