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lundi 11 mars 2013


When you talk to many of the western trained doctors or nutritionists, they tend to reduce food into Medical Nutritional Therapy as if eating is a form of Therapy for some underlying disease. No one would argue with me that CoCa Cola, KFC, McDo, Glucose Syrup, Palm Oil, Vegetable Oils have played a major part of the reality that 2/3 of the Americans are fat or obese and that the american disease now spreading like wildfire to all the economies rapidly developing.
I have just spent a few short days with my delightful friends from Indonesia and Malaysia and we all share a great love for food. We ate well in Bangkok: Khong Sea Food being our favourite; in Phnom Penh it would always be Sam Doo and in Bogor the variety is endless: Sundanese Javanese in addition to food from other parts of Sumatra and Jawa.
Let me illustrate why we must not objectify food into its components of Carbohydrate or Fat or Calories but as cultural beings living in a harmonious environment (as american Indians have taught me): Food is Medicine, food is for your body, for your health and it has great symbolic significance. 
A couple of days ago Dr and Mrs L prepared a lunch at their home and invited our group of friends who now are their friends too.
South Sumatran Chicken, a genuine Gado Gado, home made bread, home made Kaya, every single item was home made and just got at the market on the day of the lunch or just the evening before. The lemonade was made fresh. There was nothing artificial at all about the Lunch.
A nutritionist might start counting calories or dividing it into proportions of Carbohydrate and Fat etc. Having lived in France I know for a fact that it is not the macro-ingredients that matter but the social aspect of the food. If we go by the amount of fat the French eat they should have more heart disease and more Diabetes but their rates are just half and for those of you who have been in Paris, you know that svelte is more often seen than american type bulginess. 

Dr S Rule 1:  Eat with Friends, never eat alone.
So Look at my lunch, I enjoyed it very much, I couldnt care less about Carbohydrate, Fat etc since I know that it was Mrs L who prepared it which has a great symbolic meaning, and that all ingredients are fresh and not from a packet pre packaged with untold chemicals including the bread and the kaya.. and just look at the scenery we were surrounded with while eating Lunch.. this is what they call harmony with nature..

 home made Kaya 

Mrs L baked this bread for us, I can assure you that it is free of the chemicals that you would find in bread at your local supermarket.

when you are eating like this, food is medicine for your body .. and you would know the meaning of what Indians say, we are all related because it is the common good that brings us together, to share a meal together...

Food is not to be consumed in front of TV or while driving or while working on your computer. This Dr S Rule no 2.. Food is to consumed sitting down, not standing up or while speaking on the phone or driving or working.

Dr S Rule no 3 is the title of the next blog
Eat Less and Love More to incorporate the philosophy of that Master of Living, Pak Lim of Bangkok.