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lundi 25 mars 2013


This evening, all over the world, Jewish People of all hues, nationalities, religious beliefs will celebrate PESACH.. 
Over the course of years, I have been lucky to celebrate Passover Seder in various parts of the world.. including La Habana, Cuba; Rhodos, Greece; Cochin, India; Malmo, Sweden; Kingston, Jamaica among other places.. and of course, Australia and USA
It is a duty for us to remember the days of our slavery 3300 years ago and now that we are free, that we should struggle for the freedom of all who are under various forms of bondage including ignorance, intolerance and inconsideration. Only by taking care of others, we can take of ourselves.

Right now I am preparing to welcome the celebration and remembrance.
Throughout history we have had our enemies, among those who copied our religion, and we are passing through another epoch of anti-semitism from our moslem brothers: Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt; Ahmedinajad and his cronies and the ruling Mullahs of Iran and their copycats in converted countries such as Malaysia. Moslem immigration to Europe has given rise to problems of harassment to our people: Malmo in Sweden where the Mayor is openly anti Jewish; France where we know that an average French person is ignorant of the rampant antisemitism in the country and where I was advised not to wear a Star of David around the neck ; political parties in Hungary, Ukraine and Greece with openly anti Jewish platforms  a Brazilian Cartoonist Carlos Lutoff, Trond Ali Linstad from Norway and rounding off the list would be Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam in USA. European soccer fans are also included in this list.
Why is that every one finds it easy to heap insults on the Jews?
One of the best answers given to me, in answer to the question why Blacks in the USA have become Anti-Jewish even though Jews were so prominent in fighting for their equality including the founding of NAACP, was this:
Jews are the only minority you can criticize without offending the majority Community of Europe or European origin (as in USA, Canada, Australia and NZ)

Tonight as we get together to remember the travesties of our harsh times under the Pharaohs in Egypt 3300 years ago, let us be aware that we also have to sound alarm whenever and wherever injustices are being committed and even when the injustice is committed against us! Let us not be silent no more!

I will drink the required four glasses of wine tonight to that !

Jews of Middle Eastern and Asian Origin are allowed to eat Ketniot, such as Rice, Corn during the coming week whereas Jews of European origin were prohibited to eat rice and corn and other that resemble wheat and barley in character.