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mercredi 20 mars 2013


Whereas Emirati or Pakistani general population have less knowledge about what constitutes Health and how to avoid being Sick, Americans are inundated with information about health and are cognizant of what constitutes a good "lifestyle". But they share the same problem with the rest of the population of the world. We know what we should do but HOW?
American Heart Association had defined Health Metrics, Seven of them, and found that if you followed all or most of them, your chance of ill health: Diabetes, Heart Disease, and  including CANCER is much reduced.
Alas, only one in 50 americans at the most maintain six or seven of the metrics. No amount of pharmaceuticals (example: some of the newer medications for treating Diabetes tout protection of the heart, while being active for thirty minutes three times a week will have the same effect!) nor Multivitamins (get your folate from food and not from the Health Store! In fact these multivitamins and other pills may actually be detrimental to you, same goes with Calcium. Get your vitamin D from sunshine and not from a tablet!)

So my advice to the people of Bogor, Indonesia where the three of us: Pak J a health enthusiast, Dr L a retired physician and myself, a physician/anthropologist are planning to have a Prevention Programme so that we can protect the Indonesians from Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia and Cancer  and economically important protection from Drug Companies!

-Try not to smoke, if you do, try to quit.
-Be active, whether walking briskly around the lake, or riding a bicycle or even the four minute work out which Pak J will teach you.
-keep your BMI below 23 and preferably 22 kg/m2. 
-Do not eat at any of the European/American fast food restaurants, enjoy the sumptuous Sundanese/Javanese food, preferably cooked at home.
We will measure 
Blood Sugar
Blood Pressure
in the participants and will advise how to control all these Naturally, not herbal medicines, but Life Style Changes that would decrease these measurements.

I have always believed that Prevention of Diseases come in a packet: by the same lifestyle you can prevent Heart Disease, Diabetes as well as Cancer..

So I was very happy to read this article published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association that 
by following some of the above advise or all of the Health Metrics
you can decrease your chance of becoming
A Diabetic
A Hypertensive
with High Cholesterol
and as a bonus, can prevent Cancer!

What a great Gift to our friends, relatives and the people of Bogor!