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lundi 19 novembre 2012


Looking at the habits of healthy and happy people, all over the world, there are some common threads running through their lives.
Move Naturally. No need to be training for Marathons, but at the same time, don't sit in front of TV, Computer or iphone more than 30 minutes at any one time. Walk around, do the chores at work, home or play.
When you wake up each morning, make up a grateful list and wonder loudly to yourself that you have been put here for a purpose. Be positive about the day ahead.
Find your way to deal with the Stress. Stress has become a “natural” or “cultural” phenomenon. Anthropologists would tell you (Jack Goody) that Natural and Cultural are not the same. Find your own way to deal with stress: take a nap, socialize, pray…
Like the Okinawan centenarians say: 80 per cent full, never stuff your stomach to its capacity. Eat to satisfy your appetite and hunger. Avoid situations where you are searching “value for money” and eating low quality food.

Eat Less Meat, not only you would help yourself, you would help the global warming from less carbon emissions.
I am not a great fan of organized religion and certainly do not subscribe to the belief that one religion is better than another. Also I don't believe that Religion is necessary to achieve spirituality, religion is but one of the many ways to reach the universal concept of spirituality. But Happy people tend to have some faith, whether on rocks or trees or other symbols. Being part of a faith based community gives identity to oneself and reinforces the positive purpose of life.
All of us know that the power of love can transcend any other powers in every day life: maintain good family standards, put family first, be kind and generous with your time with your partners and parents.

Stay Social. As I told my good friend Marcos yesterday: Schmoozing is good for your health. Man by nature is a social animal and loneliness is not natural. Make time for your friends, reach out for them and spend time with them, uninterrupted by telephone calls, text messages and emails.
I had one such day yesterday with my good friends M and G and their lovely daughter M. The 24 hours spent with them included long hours of discourse on various subjects, some of which we had in common, such as Medicine, Israel, Travel, Food.. Our one day included
Jewish Cuban nouvelle cuisine at Books and Books in Lincoln Road.
Thai Food and the fusion Japanese cuisine now springing up every where in the USA.. Massaman curry was tasty indeed.
An Italian restaurant run by a jewish family from Casablanca, where I indulged in smoken salmon and bagel along with portions of Spanish Omellette..
Only in Miami! The diversity of culture, but a heavy overlay of either Latin America or Jews.
Our day had begun slightly after noon one day when we went to the Public Radio Station to watch a live performance of Aaron Lebos Reality, a jazz oriented group of excellent local musicians. Reminded me of a younger and latin oriented version of Claude Challe.

This being Miami, we were able to include a trip to the bay, skirting the many islands in the bay and enjoy the soothing breeze and rejuvenated local flora. An occasional Iguana could be spotted, enjoying the afternoon sun.
We spent long time talking, and realized the importance of friendships and I am glad that I have always believed in:  I am never too busy for my friends.

Looking forward to my next visit to the bayside home of MGM… with whom I had travelled to : Jamaica, Bahamas, Mexico, Panama, England, Wales…