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mardi 13 novembre 2012


One of the contradictions in American Politics is the way the Jews vote.
In general, as immigrants climb up the economic ladder, whether they came from Mexico or Hong Kong, they tend to vote conservative. Jews have always sided with the Democrats, following the dictum of Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism: After we look after ourselves, we have to look after the other unfortunates. He said that in the context of founding of the State of Israel and that Israel should take a leading role in the emancipation of African States. I am glad to say that after a short period of flirting with Arabs and Moslems, most of the African States currently are on friendlier terms with Israel.

One can hear this said often in the USA. Jews are the only group that votes against their own economic interest.
Milton Himmelfarb has supposed to have said: Jews earn like Episcopalians, the highest earning group in the USA but vote like Puerto Ricans, one of the lower income groups!
(most people with an income over 100,000 dollars voted for Romney, but not Jews who had incomes in that range!)
But it is the sense of justice, for the poor and downtrodden while enjoying the fortunes of the hard work, Jews are grateful to live in the lands they have lived in. Nearly a million Jews have been made refugees from Arab Countries and Iran since the foundation of Israel, but you will not find them in refugee camps but as productive members of the society because someone had helped them achieve their potentials rather than sit around mourn about being victims of narrow minded Muslim governments. (the extraordinary success of Iranian Jews is a case in point!)
In the USA, most Jews vote and most of them vote for the Democrats so that their small percentage carries greater weight, as did the Latino and Women’s vote and together Obama got elected.
The conservative school of thinking in the USA, which is predominantly white, will have to rethink their position and worldview in this changing universe if they ever wish to have a representative of theirs in the White House. During the next elections in 2012, if Hilary Clinton is the representative of the Democrats, there is no chance that any living Republican stands a chance to beat her..
This is the changing demographics of this very exciting society and those who refuse to mix are left behind, like some of us who are not computer literate, who can quickly become analfabetos!
I am proud to belong to a group of people who put justice for others before their own monetary gain…