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dimanche 4 novembre 2012

A Morning in La Habana, Cuba: My Walk around my Neighbourhood

I have Pak Joe to thank for..
For the past three months, starting on August 3rd, I have tried to walk most of the mornings, except the days I am traveling. During the days in La Habana, only once was not able to go walking, only because i did not portion my morning well..
My neighbourhood is called Vedado and everywhere you look there are buildings which are architectural gems.
I begin my walk in Calzada, walk towards Avenue de las Presidentes, take a right turn towards the malecon, there is a track right on the malecon, this morning i went around 4 times. Then I continue along the malecon until Hotel Melia Cohiba, go up to Linea and walk back towards the Malecon, look at Hotel nacional, watch the foam of the waves hitting the Malecon....walk past the guards at the American Embassy and then slowly coast back to Calzada.. The house in front of where I stay is now painted and looked bright and welcoming..
During this walk, I can look at many people, drink in the ambience, enjoy the affections that hang in the air..
I spend one hour in my route..
I come home hungry and the welcome cuban coffee is ready...