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samedi 3 novembre 2012


AA 9471 HAV-MIA 39 Minutes
15 minutes after leaving Havana, our aircraft was already over the Marathon Bridge, by 30 minutes we had entered the Everglades National park, descending into Miami.
However you look at it, this is an incredible journey.
(Friends in La Habana, Cuba. It is so difficult to say Good Bye to them, but it is always, See you soon, anyway)

It took me five minutes to check in at Terminal 2 HAV. Another five minutes for Immigration and Security, with plenty of time to be alone in the bare terminal 2, which handle only the flights from Miami, normally 7 or 8 per day. All other international flights arrive and depart from Terminal 3, the futuristic looking terminal, shops selling not the nostalgic stuff of the pre revolutionary era for the departing Miami passengers but offering what the modern cuba has to offer including its literature..
I think of my friends,long discourses with them. It is an intellectually intense city, the most intense that I have known, every one is eager for an intellectual exchange (in your circle).
You learn so much in the course of a day.
Pensamiento Venuzuelano does not mean it does not exist elsewhere, said the astute cuban cultural attache to Caracas. His succint summary in less than half an hour explained clearly the origins of Cuban thought, its origins and its evolution.
Iatrogenic damage, inflicted by doctors on words. We talked about this in the context of the power structure between patients and doctors, very similar whether it happens in the USA or Argentina or Spain, where the doctor creates an ambience of anxiety in the patient to justify his high fees or extensive investigations, by exaggerating at first the diagnosis, eventually negating his own diagnosis, letting the patient suffer in the meantime.
So many conversations, so many topics, day after day. Absence of internet, constant ringing of phones or text messages.. one truly appreciates the silence of the technology because only in that silence the mind can be productive.
From this joyous, selfless world of intellectuals, I descend into the land of Fake people, Fraud and Fascism, a common accomplice.
It all happens in just 39 minutes..
The point of my entry into the USA, is Miami, is not very reflective of the innovative, open and hospitable space of the USA but reflect the greed and narrow mindedness of recent migrants to a richer pasture.. it is important to escape this to a more humane part of the USA.. fortunately there are the Native Indians!
At the tarmac in Miami, I could see 2 Air Berlin, 2 Lufthansa, 1 Air france, 1 TAP, 1 TAM, 1 Alitalia and numerous other flights from Latin American and Caribbean islands..Welcome to this new world...

Just a few hours ago, I was walking hand in hand with a dear friend of mine, with such sweet conversation among us; that repeated every day, more than once..

those who constantly say that their country is the best, have not tried to see what other exciting places are out there in this wide wide world.. The place chooses you and I am so glad Cuba, La Habana has chosen me...