mardi 17 avril 2012


I left home, in Paris at 0610 on a Monday and arrived at the hotel near the airport in Omaha at 12 10 am, ie 25 hours later..
Most people abroad has never heard of Omaha but many of them recognize it when I mention Warren Buffet (today he was mentioned as having some medical problem, Good Luck to him).. oh, that is where he lives!
But Omaha is the name of the tribe that lived in these parts for many centuries..and the name of the state also a geographical description of this area in their own language..
so how nice to hear this ancient tongue coming out of the mouth of a 2 year old! I taught her to say Sawadee to the Thai Chef at the Resto we had lunch today and she dabbled in some Thai Food!
And this is truly a land of very friendly people! native or recent or earlier migrants! The Thai Chef invited me to come to Songkran celebrations to be held in a park..I didnt have the heart to tell her that I dont live here..
Earlier I had gone to the Marshalls Store in Omaha. I had bought a suitcase on my last visit here one month ago but as it often happens in long trips, the zipper had been broken. the manager with a happy smile on her face was only happy to assist in exchanging the damaged goods. and the Sales Assistant had a smile to light up and drive any sad thoughts!  Americans are friendly and more so to a foreigner!  Thank you for your kindness...
Happy to be here, among the Indians for the next two weeks... to arrive at another level of interaction, more human than most, more child like than most....
Few minutes with the Indians, and the fatigue of long travels vaporize.. I am honoured that they allow me to come, rain or snow, to see them and look after them... year after year... Estoy agradecido!