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dimanche 15 avril 2012


 During one of my early regular visits to the Far East, in 2004, I crossed over by bus to Johor Bahru, where memories of a distant night when I witnessed snake charmers and liver oil peddlers, drew me.
I was happy to see the religious co existence of various denominations, with their temples dominating the skyline. The Hindou temple was having a book sale.
That is where the title
TOXICS IN PLASTICS  caught my eye. I devoured the books of Consumer Association of Penang's books being sold there and was convinced in 2004 that Idris Mohammed who was the director and still is of CAP was a visionary. I used these materials to give a talk in the USA in 2005 and every one laughed at the thought that Plastics could be dangerous as they sucked their "healthy" water in cheap plastic bottles!
I was lucky in 2008, with my good friend MunChing, to visit Idris Mohammed and felt as sort of intellectual spirituality emanating from him. This guy is a prophet, I felt, and I cling on to that belief to this day. I tirelessly talk about chemicals, real things in soft drinks, the plastics and BPA and its dangers, the various phthalates in our environment and food..
If you wait long enough, the science would prove your convictions, as long as they are pure...
so imagine my satisfaction this weekend when I read in scientific journals and given wide publicity.. the following:
DIABETES LINKED TO PHTHALATES  published on line April 12, 2012 in Diabetes Care!
People who had higher levels of Phthalates in their blood, had greater chance of suffering from Type 2 Diabetes!
Thank you for your guidance, the Prophet of Penang, Mr idris Mohammed. Yet another star of congratulations in your skies!