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dimanche 22 avril 2012

Omar Khayyam, The Sky and South Dakota

That inverted Bowl we call The Sky; Whereunder crawling coop’d we live and die.
The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyam
In less than 24 hours, I have gone from one part of this blue sky (e) to another... as i was driving through the scenery with a horizon drawing your attention away from your soul, I remembered the verse of Omar Khayyam.. The Blue Sky was certainly like a perfect dome of an inverted bowl..
After welcoming the Nespresso, seeing some painted toes, it was a pleasant american resto, in the refurbished part of a town which had known better time and fame.. blackened salmon.. A drinkable red that loosens ones mind, and brings articulation to the emotions.. Very Pleasant..

As I entered the usual hotel for the nights sleep before catching an early flight, the front desk clerk whom I have never seen before says, I have the special room for you... Yes I can enjoy the Jacuzzi tonight to let the Pinot Noir evaporate through the pores of the skin..Unable to sleep more than three or four hours, up again and back to the airport and then to Denver, a clear day, a nice day to fly, snow capped mountains..
The West begins here.. all of a sudden a change in the ambience.. A short flight takes you over the mountains on to the plains with small hills and soon Rapid City welcomes you. Friendly people, but something incongruous here, the cultural diversity has an artificial tone to it. Asian adolescents with punk haircuts. Young white men with tattoos...amidst this the Indian walks around, lost in his own land..
A "Mongolian Grill" manned by mexicans, thai and vietnamese... you can at least choose what you are eating... My curls needed a trim, walked into a salon in the Rushmore mall and a grim looking lady did a decent job of shortening the hair and giving it a little order...
Three hours of driving through silence of the immense spaces, dotted with small towns, Red Owl, Dupree, Faith, City Centre... some no more than a sign post.. hardly any traffic or signs of human habitation..
Eagerly arrive at the Reservation of the Lakota at Eagle Butte... The Indian clerk at the front desk looks at me indifferently and hands me a key.. a nice room with refrigerator and a microwave.. living in style in the Reservation!
I am looking forward to my week here with the Lakota...