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lundi 23 janvier 2012

Where am I ? not an existentialist question but a Geo Quiz

If it is Monday, It must be….

Where am I going, this day on a flight leaving BLR at 15.55?
I will begin with a ditty
Sultan of Ternate has a title but no power
There are OOddles of Sultans in Malaya but not worth the noodles on this Kong Hee Fatt Choy
Two other sultans, except your humble Serpent, Sultan of Baracoa en Exilio..
The other two have titles and lots of Power..
Diabetes made one to give his throne to his son
The other overthrew his father in a bloodless coup
I am going to the one where the sultan had his early  education in Pune, Maharashtra, India

The capital of his country was once in a city famous for its doors. Sesame wood was used so that they stood even after the houses fell down. Open Sesame, may have its origin here. There are strong knobs they say to thwart elephants but the land has no elephants. So the story must have come with the wood from India.
I will give you a clue to the name of the city I am talking about. I had some help from Teheran about the name:

The word is originally Persian. Arabs do not have the following four letters in their alphabets " P, Ch, G, Jh". Whereas we have those letters clearly. 
Arabs when want to pronounce P they pronounce it B, like make-up which they write make-ub
when want to pronounce G, they pronounce K or J. For example instead of England they say Enkeltra. Or it would be possible to pronounce Golshifte, Jolshifteh...

The land is called the land of the Blacks or the Beach/Coast of the Blacks..
it used to be the capital of the land i am visiting, the town where i will be is famous for its green landscapes and tropical weather. 25 C there today.
So where am I going on the 15 55 flight from Bangalore