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dimanche 8 janvier 2012

Concert at L'OLYMPIA in Paris Poppys

In the 1970s, a venerable gentleman, founded a choir to rescue boys from lower income neighbourhood and it had considerable success with many recordings and various tours across the country and continent. Many of those young boys went on to become musicians and composers. The Group was called POPPYS. after some time, it was resuscitated and the Little Singers of Asnieres (a suburb of Paris) was born and of course, this is 2011/12 and there is integration of technology and also the rhythm had changed from the 1970s.
They sang a variety of songs, some from their historical days in 1970s and more others which were modern, including some north american spirituals and a song by Michael Jackson. 
One particular song caught my attention, it is called Indignez Vous  Get Angry, after the words of  the French Jewish Resistance fighter, Stephane Hessel. 
The children passionately sang wanting not only others of their young generation but also the audience to GET ANGRY.. and I loosely translate the song
It concerns childhood obesity, even though none of the 50 odd performers were overweight! but the awareness is welcomed and like in all developed countries it is the children from the lower socioeconomic levels that become obese, but France has one of the lowest rates of childhood obesity. (another country that I love, Malaysia has the highest rate of childhood obesity in Asia!)

I have devoured my perfumed Steak
I have gulped my Soda with its additives
I am an imbecile, I am foolish
BUT, I am very very happy happy happy

I have already packed on extra pounds
I am not even thirteen years old
You can see that the Junk Food is not that expensive
But Kids, listen, now that cheap food has become expensive for my health.

Get Angry
The time to be Silent is over
Get Angry
What can you do?
Get Angry  Get Angry
You, You and You

I am taking my medications
I am bad, I feel bad but I know 
I can look forward to a gentle death
So sorry, there is not much chance left

I want to walk along the Nature 
But you can forget that in my neighbourhood
There the nature has been disfigured
Hear, you wont let them do that to nature 
Listen, Boys

So, what will be my future?
What will  happen to my hopes?
I would love to laugh, I promise you
But I think it is already very late...
I have not even done my homework..

It was a sung well, a good rhythm and the entire audience was swaying to the beat and the message is a good one. Wouldnt it be good if I could make a video of a similar song sung by North American Indians, injecting more hope to their future without  obesity induced diseases?

The night was crisp, it is  a nice walk along the streets, elegant streets, wide, leading to the Opera Garnier and the large fashionable shops...

Paris is a beautiful city, a city of Lights and it is a city for Lovers..