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mercredi 18 janvier 2012

Ashgar Farhadi The Separation Berlin and Now Golden Globe, and Oscar?

Without creating a myth, Asghar Farhadi had an expression in his thought which was more important than the award in his hand.
He said to the ones who are unaware of today cinema-less Iran, face to face:
"My people are peace-loving people ....."
Remember that, he didn't forget his people strains(difficulties) even on the only scene he could stand in front of the flashes instead of standing behind the camera

From Silver Bear to Golden Globe or even at the future Oscar, I will stand up for a man who doesn't forget his people's public problems in his private joys

Looking forward to the day that he will open his suitcases in his land
and produce freely ....
He has proved that he has important worries

I respect him without a word...

Ashgar Farhadi whose film The Separation won the Golden Globe Awards
When I was coming up on the stage, I was thinking what should I say here. Should I say something about my mother, father, my kind wife, my daughters, my dear friends, my great and lovely crew. But now I just prefer to say something about my people. I think they are a truly peace-loving people. Thank you very much.

He couldn't shake hands with Madonna since his earlier handshake with Angelina Jolie had raised eyebrows of the Bearded ones and their closed minded associates in Iran. Farhadi just bowed to Madonna who had announced his Win.

From Huffington Post:
 Respected Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami said he hopes it will make authorities be kinder to Iran's film community, which has faced government-led bans on directors and the closure of a major film institution last month. However, the Iranian government's response to the win was not encouraging; it cautioned Iranian artists against prioritizing themes of hardship and ignoring "the glaring positive points and features of our nation."

The homage to Farhadi, a the beginning of this note, was written by an Iranian Dancer Artist resident in Norway, Houman Sharifi.

It silently blares the impressive joy of all Iranians at the success of this film from their country, just a few days after the backward looking Mullahs and their stooges closed down the Institute of Cinema. It is not the people who are afraid fo them, it is they who are afraid of the people of their own country. They govern not by common consent but by fear.

Please go and see The Separation. A Social Drama unfolds into a Suspense drama, all the while one is acutely aware of the situation they are portraying, but subtly pointing out the difficulties of the society imposed upon them in Iran.