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samedi 28 janvier 2012

I will be back in Oman and Salalah.. for sure

It is not often that one writes a blog about a Hotel but Salalah Hilton is not just any hotel, it distinguishes itself by its unique service, which reflects in a way the middle and upper management. I was lucky to meet Abid Hussain (the name itself meant something to me) from Pakistan who was very knowledgeable about the history of Oman, having been there for 20 years. Malayalam Speaking Keralites were in the majority, five from just one village in Palghat District, Pattambi, I met Ali in Housekeeping and Mujeeb in the Conciergerie, there was the congenial Wasseem at Al Maha Restaurant, there were two representatives of Egypt, the new Democratic Egypt, Someh and Mustafa who were very helpful. How can you feel comfortable in a hotel the very first time you stayed there? as if it was your return visit?  Smiling Friendly Service and of course all this is a credit to the Omani People known for their legendary hospitality.
I will be back to Oman and Hilton Hotel Salalah.. it would be a pleasure to say hello to my friends once again..