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mardi 8 novembre 2011

Together to Control Diabetes TEAM UP of the HOCANK Tribe

with visiting Lecturer, Darryl Tonemah, who talked about Psychological aspects of chronic Disease like Diabetes. seen also in the picture are HoCanks, Fred Harden and Chris Grezlik. This two day event where 25 Indian patients are invited to attend and under  a relaxing atmosphere at a hotel in the nearby town, education of various sorts are carried out. This year it was decided to talk about Spirituality and Psychology rather than the usual Physiology and Pharmacology of Diabetes. My own conference would be on Learn from our Ancestors, in which I plan to bring together the Native American Wisdom, Jewish Philosophy(my ancestors) and the Yogic Philosophy of Patanjali and other well known philosophers among them HH The Dalai Lama of Tibet.