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vendredi 25 novembre 2011


I have been visiting USA on a regular basis, continuing my long standing association with the Native Indian populations. I try not to spend any of their public holidays there since it interferes badly with travel plans within that country.
One holiday the americans seem to hold in great respect and love is the Thanksgiving Holiday. I have had the chance of being there only once, when I arrived in Miami from London without realizing it was Thanksgiving only to face near famine with all the restaurants closed and the people extremely happy in their family reunions and consumption of turkeys..
Also I knew that many of the traditional Indians were not in the habit of celebrating this particular holiday even though as they become assimilated Turkeys are entering their lives too...Until Quiet recently Colombus Day was nationally celebrated and the American Indians for the right reasons have refused to celebrate that day and tribal offices are not closed on that day while the USA govt offices are usually closed on that day.
Yesterday was Thanksgiving day in America. I am in Paris and of course there is no discourse of the turkey here. I called my Kickapoo sister at the Mexico/Texas Border to see how things are. 
Are you celebrating today?, I asked.
No turkey for me on this Invasion Day, she laughed. I had never heard Thanksgiving Day mentioned as Invasion Day and here you are, another view of the world.