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mardi 1 novembre 2011

OFF THE BEATEN TRACK... Cherry Creek, South Dakota

in travel forums like The VirtualTourist, i see people wanting to go to Off the beaten track, for me , they exist everywhere, not only in cheap countries which are now haven for Backpackers such as Laos or Cambodia or Vietnam. What they want is Exotica but not the stark reality of poverty and isolation in the richer countries where they come from.
Today I had to visit Takini (Conqueror in Lakota Language) and a very old settlement of Cherry Creek in the Lakota Indian Reservation. It is isolated but the people are so sweet, sweet even by the indian standards..
Driving back to the central village of the reservation, the fading light left a lingering shadow on these million year old scenery which was once under water. It is as if the Great Spirit was present everywhere,,, such a contended feeling..
glad to be among the Lakota..the friendly people