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vendredi 1 avril 2011

Tale of Traveler: A Never Ending Story

Today at the Paris CDG airport, I looked at the Asian Travelers, young men and women disembarking after long flights from Far East.. I tried to analyze my feelings..I was happy that they are traveling, I no longer travel like them, but then again, my contemporaries do not travel like me either. It is foolish to compare.. Each of us have our own style of travel and let us make the best of it..
I had to make dramatic changes in my itinerary for the coming weeks.
The last few days in London was so delightful, my friend at the Pavillion Hotel reserving a blue room for me with reflections.. was able to taste cheese and wine in the study of the hotel.. just delightful. The area is surrounded by immigrants from war torn moslem countries or unstables ones in the middle east, so it is full of restaurants .. iraqi and iranian (here they are friends), kurds and turks (ditto), yemeni, and of course Lebanese who were the first to conquer this street. Gone are the wealthy Qatari or Emirati, they have moved elsewhere it looks like.. this street has a definite middle eastern feeling to it.. all signs are in Arabic or Persian, shisha and outdoor cafes even in this mild wintry english weather...
I am off once again tomorrow, to an unexplained adventure.. I have to be with the Indians in two weeks that is all I know, what will happen, Inshallah... it is welcome..
I was thinking of Dubai this weekend but the person I was to meet was not available and I was going there specifically to meet this american lady interested in Yoga and who might be available to teach Indians, I means Native Indians, Yoga or at least some introduction to it...
My best friend in Asia is traveling and because of her non presence in KL, my travel plans are chaotic.. normally on a day like this i would be making plans to go to KL..
Come Home, MunChing... We need you in KL..
But very happy with London, a city which has always been present in my life...
Food included: Pakistani Dinner, Lebanese Dinner. English Lunch and Wine and Cheese.
it is 6 pm in Paris and I am still full from the dinner last night..
Life is too short not to enjoy ones food...