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dimanche 10 avril 2011

DAys in Portland with Family

the weather has been mild, I am so glad to be here. Mind wanders around the world but nice to know of deep affections here in Portland, Oregon.
Last night, at the Portland Art Museum, at a very nice theatre, saw The MatchMaker, an Israeli movie by Avi Nesher (2010). A story set in Haifa in 1968, when Israel was still young, an adolescent like Arik Burstein, a sabra born of a Rumanian father who had escaped the tortures of the Camps. The cultural mingling brings traditions of the East and the West together, and in the midst of it all, shrouded by the guilt of survival of the Camps, a MatchMaker, a gentle hearted man, who finds love for others but unable to fulfill his own need... I find you what you want but not what you need.. Meir the Library clerk, now full of vengeance, Sylvia, the achondroplastic who finds love at last, and the teenager visiting the Iraqi family next door introduces Arik to the pleasures of the flesh...A beautifully sculpted tale of coming of age at a time when the lives were all less complicated than it is now but emotions neerthless profound..

My brother's son who is 3 1/2 years old sat through the movie without making any noise, trying to follow this movie in Hebrew with subtitles he cannot read, but attentive.

At the end of the movie, as people were socializing and chatting about the movie, a thought came over me... all these people portrayed here are my people, i am just a link in this long historical chain..

in coming to Portland, and seeing the family and the next generation, I am satisfied that the chain will continue.. well into the future