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samedi 2 avril 2011

The Best Medical Anthropology Programme. BRUNEL UNIVERSITY LONDON

I was educated both in Medicine and Medical Anthropology and the education that keeps on giving me more and more is the education I received at Brunel University London in Medical Anthropology. I had good teachers: Adam Kuper, Ronnie Frankenberg, Cecil Helman, Ian Robinson and Charles Stewart. If life was a fiesta before, it became a moveable feast afterwards.. not to mention the arrival of La Havana and Paris , the two moveable feasts of Ernest Hemingway soon after my graduation from the programme.
Recently I had the honour to talk to the students at the Medical Anthropology Programme. I have uploaded the slides, most of which I used in the lecture, but not all. you are welcome to look at them if you like..
also if any one of you is interested in pursuing a little knowledge in Medical Anthropology, I highly recommend Brunel University London Medical Anthropology Programme.