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jeudi 7 avril 2011

Japan in Seattle: Maneki Japanese Restaurant, the Oldest in the USA?

Maneki is the oldest Japanese Restaurant in Seattle. We were fortunate enough to spend a few minutes chatting to Jean Nakayama who is now shouldering the responsibilities of this restaurant started 107 years ago in this part of town where most of the Japanese had settled down. It served as a gathering place, wedding receptions were held here and after the detention of the japanese during the war was over, Mr Sato continued until the job fell on the shoulders of Jean's husband, who had come from Japan. At one time there were boarders and the whole area had the atmosphere of an Japanese suburb.
I wanted to eat some authentic japanese food having tired and disappointed at some "japanese" restaurants in Paris and elsewhere..
I was lucky to have the help of a Japanese visitor to these shores and she chose the dishes.

Burdock root and carrrot cooked in soy sauce with a chili pepper
Age Nasu
eggplant with daikon, ginger and dashi sacuce
Beef Sukiyaki with udon noodles
Mackerel Yakizakana with teriyaki sauce
Unagi Kamamishi
hot pot style (this dish was excellent and mouth watering in its flavour)
I thought of ordering Natto for old times sake or Miso soup but as it turned out we couldnt even finish
these dishes..
Excellent Choices and I truly enjoyed the dinner in the company of K from Nagoya. Arigato Gozaimasu