jeudi 4 novembre 2010

Where is Quiberon? Kiberen?

Yet another Journey is about to begin: this one a very pleasant one to look forward to, to two places that I love, one day in Miami which would include a dinner (with champagne of course) at Lan Pan Asian Resto in Kendall with my sister and her husband and then the direct short flight to La Habana where one can expect unexpected pleasures!
when does work stop and holidays begin? I have no idea .. but there is one place, I do feel that I am on a vacation, because there is no connection Anthropologically or Medically to this place.. It is the seaside village of Kiberen, frenchified to Quiberon in Brittany, an island in prehistoric times now joined by a sliver of a land bridge to the mainland Morbihan.
I spent this past week there. The weather is always warmer and on the 1st of November it was 26 C, something unheard of in similar latitudes of France!
There is a relaxed atmosphere, the wild sea doing its best to calm you. The outline of Belle Isle is on the horizon to remind you day and with it lights at night... fresh seafood that melts in your mouth, no commercialization of food, not yet anyway. Good Quality Air, Good Quality Food..
There is a Thalasso which done for a few days in a row (a bit expensive even by French Standards) has therapeutic effects on your body.
It was wonderful to sit in the heated sea water jacuzzi and watching the waves just meters away.
Today, in Paris, I am packing with La Habana in mind. I have received such affectionate letters of welcome from my colleagues .(others would easily mistake these letters for love letters because Cubans are extremely affectionate, more than any one I know).
I am happy because I am going home..
Long Chats with my colleagues from the University, both Anthropology of Every Day Life and Psychology of Diabetes.. Cafe Cafe Cafe..
and I am looking forward to a home cooked Fish Dinner..
I am taking a box of Le Roux Chocolates from say thanks to my friends who would fill my heart for the next few days and make me forget about everything else in the world.. not quite everything but almost everything except a couple of people in Paris and KL...