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dimanche 7 novembre 2010

Welcome Abstinence from Internet ....CUBA mi isla Rica

I am going into Exile, to use the abused word in MIami among Cuban Immigrants, most of whom since about 1962 have been economic migrants, from Internet. An extremely welcome relief when you dont have to check your email or just browse or read newspapers from around the globe.
A good friend of mine from USA once said to me: Cuba is the only country I feel totally free. He meant to say that he is free of things that he feels chains him down physically, emotionally and intellectually, one such thing was the inbred dislike of African Americans from his Southern Childhood.
My Life in Cuba has always been a wonderful respite from the outside world which I interact on more than usual frequency. Even before the end of the year, just seven weeks away, I have one trans atlantic and one trans pacific flight left, making it about 15 long haul flights for the year. So being in Cuba, where there is no urge to log on to Internet (for more than one reason, one of which is the cost, about 10 centimes a minute) but instead of sitting down in front of the computer (my laptop would be with me) I would be exploring once again my neighbourhood of Vedado, observing every day life which is etched in my mind: the bakery, neighbours playing Domino, the little fruit market, the imposing american embassy with a chain of guards, the malecon with amorous couples, take photographs of architectural gems, talk to anyone and every one, say hello to old and new friends and most important talk late into the nights: no computer, no internet, no television, no cellular phone (my France based phone works in Cuba, that will be switched off). It is the kind of vacation that i like: intellectually very active but not tethered to the chains of modern slavery. As there is no McDo in Cuba, there is no twitter or facebook either...
I am always richer by this contact, with my precious island of Cuba, where unexpected pleasures always await you, which gives you back in multiples of what you give to it...
Bienvenidos a mi isla Rica....