mercredi 17 novembre 2010

La Habana, Cuba.. The Moveable Feast


Three large avacados, two Kg of Bananas, two kilograms of Guava, half a Papaya, a bag of Okra, a large slice of Pumpkin, a bar of Cuban peanut turron…

Lunch was this:

Le Roux chocolates in between for a visiting friend celebrating the birthday. Dinner was prepared by a friend with whom I recently had a Lebanese lunch at Samaya near Tour Eiffel in Paris.

La Havana where once food was somewhat difficult to procure, is becoming like other cities with dinner parties with abundance and that adds to the already available warmth of friendships.

Still, it was too much food for one day!

There was a time when It was absolutely difficult to buy wine in La Habana. Yesterday I went to the Wine and Liquor store at Hotel Habana LIbre (the old Havana Hilton) and spent a little time looking through their selection. Obviously the wines were not selected for their quality but for their availability through the distributors. Most of the wines were in the $10 range but you had to spend a little bit more to get a good drop. Was happy to see a bottle or two from Australia as well.

As always good conversation, touching on a variety of subjects. I was glad Baracoa was featured in them, a newly found love for our hostess.

We have a very loyal friend here, who at a moment’s notice will come and give you a lift. As the night was brisk and getting on its age, we called him and he was there within minutes to give us lift home.

All in all, a very affectionate day. Still unable to get hold of or talk to all the people I wish to talk to. I expect to devote the remaining few days here to do the work I came to do. Not making any plans for any dinners but just time for reading and writing.

Welcome to Havana, the moveable feast of the Americas!