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vendredi 9 juillet 2010

A day of Travel Part 2 July 8, 2010 ZRH-MIA

A Day of Travel Part 2 July 8, 2010
12 55 pm Seat 4 D
A glass of champagne
7852 km to Miami (4879 miles). Incredible when you think, we will be transported in this steel tube across the skies and land in another continent.. wonderful indeed… the magic and mystery of aviation still enchant me..
Since I travel alone, there is always a chance of a request for seat change- the seat change is not always favourable since Frequent Fliers carefully have chosen their seats.. 4 D is in a private are with plenty of leg room.
A young woman crying her heart out, came and sat down, a young man came over to comfort her.. and I was afraid I would be asked to exchange the seats, but soon the sobbing lady left and an ungainly, overweight man with girlie magazines in his hand, sits down. Ah Well I have been cursed with this bad luck of always not having a pleasant person to share the seat with, Never had the pleasure of someone to talk to or exchange and learn.. The overweight Italian was not bothersome since he slept most of the flight…
How can I get rid of this Bad Star? Always always… I think it is more than chance or more than just my own prejudices I suppose. Perhaps, as my grand mother would say, you are so lucky most of the time that some thing bad has to happen to balance it.. I am extremely lucky while travelling in terms of lounges and upgrades and meals.. ah well..
10 hours flight time
1320 selecting the meal
Choose the same meal as one month ago! Created by Tanja Grandits, Resto Stucki, Basel
Baked Salmon with wasabi crumbles, wasabi sauce, saffron and lemon basmati rice, fennel sauerkraut
Sauvignan Blanc Buitenvervachting Constantia SA 2009 100 per cent Sauvignon Blanc, hints of passion fruit and pineapple
A lovely drop.. Enjoyed this wine very much.. with my meals..
Left gate at 1330. Took off at 1340
There are aerial views of the region we are flying over projected on to the screen. Neatly organized landscape, then again this is Switzerland! We will fly towards Paris, then across South England, south of Ireland and make land fall some where near NewFoundland the northern atlantic route and come down along the eastern coast.
Excellent Wine . with some olives 1415
Began watching
Looking for Eric
Ken Loach
I just jotted these lines as they rose in my head prompted by the movie.
Native people in redundant jobs in their own countries because the wealth has become global and not local anymore.
A post office worker who might have been looked up to soon after WWII in Uk, now is a skeleton in Society’s closet…working class is sinking..
With no place to go in this young universe of Yoga and meditation and OM!
Too harsh a life with little escape
Not only in Cambodia but in the UK, Brasil and the USA , and Australia as well
Lacking hope in the faces of people, as in France
Involutional Melancholia..
C’est la Vie..
High School Hop
Pre Beatles Pop Music..
Memories of all pleasantness lost in the crevices of mind
Balding men in thin pony tails with ill fitting tuxedos
Dates. Innocence broken
Vanilla marinated pike-perch
Spiced jus and sautéed melons
Sweetens up the soul while watching this bitter social commentary of the times from Ken Loach

Never change your football team…
Novios se pasan, los amigos son para siempre, we say that in Baracoa
The beauty and depth of every day lives
Ambitions never achieved and never even thought of
Be loyal to yourself. Be loyal to your personality
Where do they bury dead dreams?
Like Pablo the poet said; is there a cemetery for those wonderful unfulfilled kisses? Cementarios de los besos..
Where have all the PASSIONS gone? Melbourne? Havana?
Play safe, set the limits yourself
What was your sweetest moment? None? Many?
A moment of magical realism and then the harsh reality
Waiting for
Baked Salmon, wasabi, basmati rice
Sipping the sauvignon blanc from Constantia.. which was yet another dream the faded one of the cape peninsula, yet another time…
Things remain the same, it is we who change..
Postcards fade. But now they are from new places
No more Nouvelle Caledonie.. but it is from Santa Cruz de la Sierra..
People’s greatest ambition, just to be content
Not that artificial laugh of coca cola commercials
Not the words of someone else, but your own
Forget that music of your adolescence
Take on the world
We grow into our dreams of our childhood
Btu the dreams turn around.. only a skeletal shadow of theat seashore you dreamt about
I have lived my life, have drunk a fair bit of champagne and floated over the clouds
Without ever hearing anything about Eric Cantona…
But do know about Eric Hoffer and Edgar Moran
Bulgakov. Breyten Breytenbach…
Friendships is how I have lived my life
Relationships that strayed the borders of time
A cascade of insurmountable difficulties of every day life
Is this Favela of Rio, No Manchester, UK
At least in the Favela, they have the music..
They are in their own prison
Local, poor and dysfunctional
What goes awry, at what stage?
The dreams go astray
One mistake, you are off the line, into the abyss
What people lack is Relationship Friendship
Someone to share, raw feelings
It is a tragedy to live this life
You can say anything to your friends… if they are your friends
There are always tears.. because every day life is full of tears
Good Movie. Ken Loach. Eric Cantona. A Good Frenchman..