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lundi 12 juillet 2010

In Miami you can always expect the unexpected

Senor Chef from Manila, We all love Pamela!

at the Jewish Cemetery in Penang, Malaysia

what all can happen when you go to dine out at Lan in south miami?
you can have a nice asian fusion meal cooked by the filipino chinese owner.. if you are lucky you can have Pamela from Peru attending to your needs...pouring you a nice sauvignon blanc from Marlborough district in New Zealand..tonight there were also two friends, a jewish lady from miami who had worked on NGO health projects in Asia and her visiting friend from Penang, Malaysia...with whom you share a few common friends..including the co founders of the Consumer Association of Penang...
and of course you can meet the australian jew whose friend Carlos is the Cuban ambassador to Malaysia..Cuba and Malaysia has had diplomatic relationships for 45 years and there are at least 15 malaysian students studying medicine in Cuba!
the remarkable Mr Idris....
the Cuban Embassy in Kuala Lumpur