jeudi 14 janvier 2010

Food in the time of a Snow Storm

I was snowbound at the Blue House for a full four days. couldnt leave the house and brave the mountains of snow, driving the car was out of questions, no one else was driving and i couldnt get the car out of the driveway even if i tried.
i enjoyed my four days of isolation so much.. was able to read all the things put aside for reading, was able to get in touch with people i want to be in touch with.. no telephone calls visit from an Indian friend with soup with wild rice in it.. delicious..
as if i was expecting this scenario, I had brought food from France. I had a stack of crepes from Bretagne and lots of good seafood from Belle Ille.. and nice dark chocolate. I had a good bottle of wine...
I was preparing the lecture I am supposed to give on the 27th at the Monash University Campus in Malaysia.. so wonderful to discover new facts especially with regards to the epidemiology of different races and conjucture why it is happening?
Today I flew from Omaha via Houston to Fort Lauderdale, upgraded on both legs, rented a car and off to see my sister.. the next two days would be a reminder of the love and affection of the family before i return to France.. home sweet home, would be very glad to be home.. special smiles waiting for me...and of course good food.. what wouldnt i do for a nice baguette? have not eaten much bad food on this trip, except what they sell as burritos, i had one at the Rez and two on the planes.. all in all I have eaten well on this trip to the USA.. without hardly touching any american food..meaning fast food, I suppose..
when i arrived in Miami, my sister had prepared a nice lebanese feast.. she knows my partiality for levantine food..and i am sure the next two days, i will be offered home cooked jamaican meal, perhaps other types of food would appear or be suggested..
Nothing like a good cup of cuban coffee.. as i was driving past Hialeah today on the way to the hospital in Miami, I was overwhelmed by the flavour of cuban cooking wafting across the highway.. I fondly thought of my little island south of here, where very soon I would be tasting the authentic dishes of Cuba..