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dimanche 10 janvier 2010

The Pleasures of being snow Bound in Nebraska

It took me nearly two days, staying overnight at a CDG hotel, then another overnight at a hotel in Omaha, before i ventured out in the snow storm to the reservation of the Indians. They knew I was due that day, and I received a call early on my handphone: be careful and avoid such and such a road and gave me a slew of instructions on how to drive on a snowy day.
I took the well travelled route, and at least four times in one hour, had "whiteouts" when you are at the mercy of the spirits and you cannot see anything while you are trying to maintain the speed you are driving, and also hoping that no one hits you. it is a strange and eery sensation.
Reached the blue house in the Reservation (a picture of it can be seen) and for the next four days, i was not able to leave the house. The temperature fell to minus 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. Fortunately I had brought all my food provisions from France, since i was coming from Bretagne, I had a good selection of seafood and also crepes.. a 2004 Saint Emilion was not wasted and appreciated..
Not even once was I bored or fidgety. the wireless connection in the house was operational, the heat was on so the temperature inside the house was a warm 76 F (about 22C).. I was able to be constantly in touch with my loved ones in Miami, Quiberon and Kuala Lumpur. I was able to catch up on all emails. was able to read an enormous amount about Diabetes Epidemic in the South Eastern Asian countries, and prepare a presentation, hopefully on the day I arrive at KL on 27th January..
Body feels rested, feel very very loved not only by the usual suspects but also by the Indians whom I am here to serve.
Today was Day 4 inside the house. the temperatuere climbed to 32 C ie 0 C. and it felt like a heat wave! you coudl see people walking around with minimal covering instead of their thick coats.. I called TT, who is a patient of mine. He lives 50 km away and within two hours arrived at the house with his snowblowing machine and worked hard for one hour to clear a path for my car to leave the yard to go onto the road. Thus my four day isolation was broken. Went to the Thai Restaurant in the next big town, 50 km away and had a nice Geow Teow (which they call Drunken noodle), which is a spicier version of our ubiquitous koey teow of Malaysia..
2010 has begun well. I have had good news from all quarters. I am kept up to date by my far flung friends. I am glad they live far away since it will make me plan diligently to see them..Cuba. Malaysia. Burma. Cambodia Cochin are all on the picture ..
You can always choose your friends, and I have chosen them well..or they have chosen me?