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mercredi 20 janvier 2010

Another First for Cuba


There were a total of 13 medical doctors who have appeared for the 2009 common exam, a majority of whom had graduated from Sri Lanka and India. Suresh Chandra Mothey, MBBS graduate from Latin American School of Medicine, Santiago, Cuba came first in the medical group with 67.48 %.

Most people do not realize the extent of the medical education and scholarship provided by the Cuban Government to students from developing nations. Would you believe that Suresh Mothey was one of the first five students from Bhutan to be given scholarship to study medicine in Santiago de Cuba and now he is back home in Thimphu. He makes us proud by coming first in the civil service examination for doctors. Felicidades, amigo mio..

PS February 4th. While I was in Cochin, it was a pleasure for me to receive an email from this doctor, who is working at the capital in Bhutan, certainly he didnt fail Cuba when he said in his email: what a privilege is to serve humanity.
Once again I shout at the top of my voice, Viva Cuba, Nuestra Isla Rica...