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lundi 12 octobre 2009

Hurrah for USA and of course, Hurrah for Australia!

Elizabeth Blackburn was raised in Tasmania and educated in Melbourne before going to Cambridge to get her PhD. She has been in the uSA since 1988. And she is this years Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine.

To me this is the beauty of USA.. not only they take in the tired feet of huddled masses, it is the largest recipient of immigrants on an yearly basis, where it be a kebab seller from Bangladesh or brilliant scientist from Australia. It is the country, without doubt, gives those who try, many chances to succeed. And you can succeed on merit alone..

The photo is of an Australia/Cuba/French/Malaysia lover who is Jewish, eating with two native american women ( both with postgraduate qualifications), thai food cooked by Laotian refugee to Thailand now given asylum in USA.. This beauty of United States of America, never cease to amaze me!