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lundi 12 octobre 2009

Barack Obama and Nobel Peace Prize

It was a good news to wake up to.. Barack Obama who in his short tenure has brought so much hope to millions of people around the world and of course, americans, and who is trying his best to bring ethical reform in america, deserve this accolade. I was astonished at the remarks of some of the extreme right wing talk show hosts and politicians (read Republicans) but they dont realize one thing. Before Barack Obama became President, because of the vitriolic and basically Stupid, arrogant and ignorant Government of Bush, Americans were one of the most hated people on earth. Even a normally friendly to the usa country like India, people had become anti american. Since most americans do not travel and are not clued into the world social and political scene ( why should we? is the normal respone), they may not understand the significance of Obama becoming the President and how he has raised the respect people have for the USA. Bernard Henry-Levy, a well respected journalist and writer, gushed in Le Monde over this selection.
I was with my Native American friends that day, without exception, they were elated. I announced to them, I truly feel that I should apply for American Citizenship.. They exclaimed! but truly looking deep into my heart, I felt that I wouldnt mind being a citizen of a country which elected Barack Obama as President...
Having said that, and as a supporter of his Health Care Reform, he has a long way to go since the fraud committed by middle buiness people in the Health field is enormous, in fact more than the annual budget of many small countries.. just the fraud..
Here are my thoughts on that:

From Miami Herald, 12th Oct 2009

Federal prosecutors in Miami have been tracking scammers aggressively since 2005, charging more than 900 Medicare offenders involving more than $2 billion in false claims. Nationwide, taxpayers are hit with $60 billion in healthcare scams each year, and South Florida is at the center of the abuse.

The last two convicted, had surnames Duarte and Garcia, their national origin quite obvious in this Cuban Savvy City.. they had fraudulently claimed 52 Million dollars from Medicare!

Whether you are a medical practitioner or a middle man in the medical field, you should be punished severely for fraud. are you not glad you are not living in China, Garcia and Duarte? did you "escape" from cuba for the "freedom" of cheating and stealing and causing death of innocent people?

That is what i feel..